“Spool exists to create a safe place where people can connect and collaborate, with the ability to also find and form new and eclectic teams to solve challenges.”


The Spool netWork is about to launch…

Create your profile and make it available to be searched by other Spool users. Find other people in your industry or find people with the skills you want to connect with.

Whether you join Spool as an existing team or you want to form a new team, you can create a Workspace and start working together immediately. Find connections and work together, all in one space.

The Spool Cloud Desktops (vCore CPU 8, RAM 8 GB, Disc 50 GB, Disc type NVMe) can be taken into any Workspace and for ultimate collaboration use ‘interactive sharing’ and enable multiple shared control. Working from a Spool Cloud Desktop means the work with your Spool connections can be kept separate from your physical PC.

And with the Snapshot options you and your team will be able to work with confidence knowing that your virtual hard drive can be restored at any time. Of course, for some projects you might just want to start again with an entirely new Spool Cloud Desktop. No problem, you can delete it and spawn a new Cloud Desktop as many times as you like.

High quality video conferencing, auto generated Workspace chat channels and traditional screen share of your physical PC (if you want to refer to something outside your Spool Cloud Desktop) make the Spool Workspace a rich and immersive collaboration environment.

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