Spool Workspaces are great for recurring events or for creating communal online work areas (virtual offices) where members can see who is working there and join them whenever they want. Having the option to work with or just alongside your team, chatting via high quality video conferencing, without the need to ‘call’ anyone is a really empowering tool for connected remote working.

But sometimes we know you just need to call someone for an impromptu chat, a quick catch up, a little question… For that there’s Spool now!


Spool now! gives you the power to call any of your connections. They’ll hear the famed Spool Birdsong and you’ll enter a fully functioning Workspace. You’ll still be able to bring your Cloud Desktop to the chat, if you need it, and you’ll still be able to do all the stuff you can in your permanent Workspaces – it’s just that we’ll create this one only for as long as you need it. Once you leave, it’s gone. But don’t worry, you can just call them again with Spool now! if you need to 🙂

There are no limits on your Spool now! calls so get calling and get stuff done.

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