It’s great to have this blog up and running as we can now share all the latest news about the development and launch of Spool. Keep checking back in as we share the journey so far and everything that’s happening at Spool HQ. We’ll announce new features, collaborations and even introduce you to the team behind Spool. We’re an ethical bunch so we’ll also be sharing our plans as to how Spool will contribute positively to the world.

So why not sign up now to create your Spool Cloud Desktop and start connecting with other Spool users.

Work Together on Spool
Invite friends, family and colleagues to join you on Spool using your unique Connect Link (I’ve included my Link below because there’s a little competition amongst all of us in Spool to see who can get the most connections before 2022… and I want to win).
If you share your Connect Link with anyone and they’re not already a Spool user they’ll be invited to create an account and will automatically be connected with you. Easy 🙂
The best thing is – we’re in beta at the moment and we think early adopters need to be rewarded. So we’re giving extended FREE ACCESS to anyone who signs up for a beta account.
And please share your feedback, we like positive feedback but we love it when people tell us something they think needs to change. 
There are loads of exciting developments ongoing, we’ll be posting about them soon but as a teaser we’re working on the creation of the Spool Network at the moment. This will be an opt in searchable database of all Spool users where you’ll be able to search and find people in a similar role / sector or with compatible skills so that you can expand your Spool connections and discover new ways of working and learning together.
Thanks again for trying Spool.
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