Spool® is proud to announce that we have partnered with leading IT training company NobleProg UK to offer NobleProg clients direct access to their DaDesktop training desktops from within Spool.

NobleProg UK, ‘In response to feedback we have teamed up with an exciting new platform Spool to give all delegates access to their training Desktop after the course has finished.

We use DaDesktop technology to deliver many of our courses as the trainer can set up the environment and everyone has their own virtual machine with everything they need for the course. It also provides unparalleled online interactivity between trainer and participants. One of the comments we repeatedly hear is that delegates would like to keep accessing their training machine after the course has finished. This is sometimes because they want the opportunity to review the materials and share their learning with others in their organisation but increasingly it is because they love the concept of having a fast, clean machine which operates entirely separately and is not affected by any activity on their physical computer. Now that our systems are connected with Spool our clients will find simple instructions to add their virtual training machine to a Spool account and take advantage of all the features of Spool.’

Spool, ‘We see this as a great addition to the training experience of NobleProg UK clients as they can continue their learning journey but it’s also a continuation of the opportunity to really see how Cloud Desktops can transform how you work and how we work together.

NobleProg clients, having seen the benefits of DaDesktop for training can now own a Spool Cloud Desktop. This is a vCore CPU 8,  RAM 8 GB, Disc 50 GB, Disc type NVMe Cloud Desktop.

  • Take your Cloud Desktop into meeting spaces you create and work together with colleagues in a highly interactive and collaborative new way
  • Share your Cloud Desktop using ‘interactive mode’ and see who has control with cursor name ID as you work on projects together
  • Keep your work or projects in one place, separate from your personal online stuff

Spool will give you the power to work remotely without compromising privacy and security, it’s safe to use and easy to manage.

You can also Build your Spool Network by sharing your unique Spool connection link with all your friends and colleagues. Spool offers a free trial so anyone can create an account and start working together.’




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