If you take a course with NobleProg UK, Ireland and Netherlands (the World’s Local Training Provider) using the DaDesktop Online Training Room you can now:

✔️ Access your DaDesktop training machine after the course directly from the Spool Hub;
✔️ Easily Connect with the people on your course;
✔️ Create Spool spaces to use as post-course classrooms or work areas with your team.

Everyone can bring their DaDesktop machine into a Spool space, where the option to switch on multi shared access means anyone can be the ‘Trainer’. Mentoring, demonstrations, training or hands-on joint remote working has never felt more supportive.

An exciting space for TESTING and DEVELOPING your new skills. Together or on your own. Safely.

Spool’s Snapshot ensures everything on the virtual hard drive of your cloud desktop is regularly backed up so feel free to #experiment with confidence.

Let us know what you think at feedback@spoolme.com

And if you would like a full demo of Spool and it’s capabilities as a complete Work Together tool please contact us at team@spoolme.com

Team Spool

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