Do you want to continue learning together as a group after you finish your NobleProg course?

When you come to Spool from NobleProg you’ll have your training machine ready for you to continue safely #testing, #exploring and #experimenting. A perfect sandbox machine to continue your IT learning journey. But what about your colleagues from the course? Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to meet up and have the same functionality as the Training Room where you can help each other interactively on your cloud desktops? Coding and developing together.

We’ve created it 🙂

When you create a Spool account from the link on the NobleProg course Spool will now automatically create a classroom Space which will be ready on your Hub. It will have all the people from your course who signed up to Spool so you can carry on learning together. Interactive, safe and fun 🙂

And something else 🙂
Want Spool to suggest connections with people who have attended the same course as you? We’re introducing Spool Skills Connect where we’ll help connect people with the same interests on Spool so that sharing experience and learning together can extend freely.

It’s a Spool World.


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