When you join Spool you’ll be invited to build your profile so you can be found by other Spool members. You never know what opportunities it could present…

List all your skills and let people know that you are here to Work Together.

We’ve made it so anyone can text chat to any other Spool user, even if you’re not yet connected. You’ll see the options if you ‘View’ a Spool user from the netWork ‘search and find’. And if you do find common interests and work/learning goals you can instantly connect and start using the full functionality of a Spool Workspace.


So what are you waiting for? Create a Spool account and join the netWork! With a Spool Cloud Desktop you can share your skills with others who need them. This isn’t a forum – this is somewhere to work | meet | learn


There are lots of challenges out there in the world. Sometimes you just need the right place for the right people to come together and Work Together.


Listen and Be Spool


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