Dear Spool Early Adopters,

We want to tell you about a new feature on Spool which will help you find people with the skills and interests you want to connect with.

The Spool netWork is a searchable database of all Spool users, with filters linked to a new expanded profile section. If you already know the person you want to connect with you can search by name or email but you can also find someone new by searching industry, skills or what people have listed as their professional interests.

For your own profile you’re now able to add a personal bio, your main job title and your industry. We’ve also included a huge list of skills for you to define your current role and what you’re interested in. There’s a specific IT skills section so you can really identify your expertise.

The important point is that the Spool netWork is voluntary. You don’t have to be a part of it and you can opt out of being visible on a public search. You’ll find a clearly marked privacy checkbox on your profile page giving you the option to opt out of inclusion on the netWork. And you can change your mind anytime, as many times as you like. If you do want to be on the netWork, other Spool users will only see the information you have put on your profile.

So, what do you do if you find someone on the netWork who you know or you think there may be opportunities to work together on Spool? Easy, just click to make a connect request. Once accepted you’ll be able to create a shared workspace and start collaborating.

Spool – choose different.

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