In one of our first blog posts we said this, ‘We’re an ethical bunch so we’ll also be sharing our plans as to how Spool will contribute positively to the world.’

And we meant it.


We’re encouraging big global projects to spawn on Spool. Open access workspaces (Spool the World) is being developed now!

These will be spaces accessible to anyone who joins the movement, you’ll be able to contribute to the chat/forum and, at the time of set events, share your work interactively via the safety of the Cloud Desktop. Bringing together new people and new ideas to solve the World’s challenges.
Who needs coal and gas? Spool is on a mission to connect the human energy of the Global South with the Global North. Sharing skills and knowledge, by acting together humans have always been able to adapt in times of adversity. And thrive.

Spool is a space for real, dynamic work and action. Climate Change, Cancer Research, Global Pandemics – what solution will you be a part of?

Choose different.


Spool – work together

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