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A secure platform to work, meet, collaborate and experiment with your own powerful Cloud Desktop. Giving you choice not limits.

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Spool Hub

Power on your Cloud Desktop and let’s work together.

Choose to work in a Spool space where connections can drop in or call anyone with Spool now!

Search and find new connections on the Spool netWork.


Cloud Desktops

Own a powerful Cloud Desktop. No technical knowledge required.

Two factor authentication (2FA) protected, access your Spool Cloud Desktop from anywhere. Safe, secure. UK based Tier 3 Data Centre. No risk from lost / stolen / damaged hardware.

Automatic snapshot eliminates risk, revert to an earlier safe version.

Upgrade of spec available. Save cost, save carbon.

Keep your Spool work separate from your physical computer.


Spool spaces

Work on your Cloud Desktop in Spool spaces you have created or you have been invited to join.

A space where any of your connections can drop in or you can diarise a formal meeting, training session, presentation or workshop. From the Hub you can ‘peek’ to see who is working in each Spool space.

High quality video conferencing alongside multi-view of all Cloud Desktops.

‘Interactive mode’ enables real collaborative working on any application on the Cloud Desktops. Always know who has control with Spool’s cursor name tag identification.  Mentoring, demonstrations, training or hands-on joint remote working has never felt more supportive.

A productive space where the social interaction aspect of working is nurtured and wellbeing prioritised

Spool netWork

The Spool netWork is where you can find other Spool users who you want to connect with. Search by industry, skills or what people have listed as their professional interests and build your Spool connections.

Powerful, secure, connected working


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